Monday, September 27, 2010

Colourful Monday

Rachel got busy with the marble chaser this morning. Before she was even dressed. :-) A nice construction though.
I was having a bit of a blue Monday (just feeling really tired) - probably from the very busy day in town yesterday. So I was very pleased when Rachel said she wanted to make the curry for dinner. She even enlisted Ruth's help. The highlight for her is the tasting. She got Ruth all excited about it too. We leave adding salt right to the end and then taste before and after the salt is added. Rachel loves to experience the amazing difference. And I love the wonderful helpers I have.
This afternoon Ruth and Hannah were outside (such a beautiful day) and saw the cows being moved down the drive. The owners of the property had told us they would be bringing a new herd onto the farm and the girls loved watching them run past.

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