Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back to squash

I have really been struggling with a very stiff lower back and yesterday Brendon suggested that we try get back to playing squash regularly as that was the only thing that helped it in the past. So we headed over to the courts as soon as he was done with work and the girls played in the play ground while we got our exercise in. They had a great time and we had a good time too. I am sure it will help my back and it will be lovely to get fit again. It's so nice with these long summer days and the fact that the girls are now old enough (well - Hannah is old enough) for them to play on their own. I can still see them from the court so I regularly check to keep me confident that they are ok. They had such a fun time and are keen for us to play squash often. :-)
Once we were done we let them go on the flying fox a few times. Ruth goes on the slower one but it still gives her quite a swing at the end. I am sure these regular times at the park will be wonderful childhood memories for them.
The slide just to the right is the one I took the photo on. It's a great slide because even though it is high Hannah does not come flying off the end (she keeps her feet to the sides to slow her down a bit - like Ruth is doing in the photo to stop her going down so that I can take the photo). Ruth however loves to go fast and almost run off the end. And I like it because of the lovely safety bars at the top. :-)

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