Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lamb and lake field

On our way home from town we stopped in at Brian and Julia for a quick cuppa and the girls were thrilled to get to see this new born lamb.

It is one of triplets that was born last night. The mother is feeding the other two so this little one is getting a bottle.

I was pleased the girls got to help give the lamb it's bottle. Such special memories.

Finally we got a photo of what our family call "Lake Field". It is an area just outside of Amberly which just does not cope with the amount of rain we have been having lately. The same thing happened last year - where the fields turn into what looks like a small lake.
As soon as Hannah saw Brendon lie down on the couch with me she climbed up too. Here she is "looking for lice". So she still remembers her episode with them. I am thankful that got sorted out so quickly.
Just fooling around. Such a funny little girl. She brings much joy to the family.

Rachel got a nice clear photo here. With Hannah making a "tower".

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