Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First ballet lesson

Another Brownie item for Rachel was to make a cake without using an electric mixer. Her poor arm was exhausted from creaming the butter and sugar.
She chose to make a Marble Cake and was so impressed with how it turned out. So was the rest of the family who get to eat it. :-)

Hannah doing some of her mothering. :-)
I wanted to get another photo of Rachel with her jewellery and so ended up taking photos of each of the girls.

Ruth got busy on another of her birthday present crafts today. She is so thankful for the lovely presents.

Ruth was so very excited about having her first ballet lesson today. Her teacher told me afterwards that the spring points are always a telling sign for her how much the girls can do. She said that Ruth was better than some of the new 6 year old girls. Well done Ruth. We are all so proud of you.
The teacher normally only allows girls to join when they are 5 but as she is no longer taking new students next year she made an exception for Ruth. She said we will just see how it goes for the first few weeks and decide from there. Ruth was very nervous and shy at the beginning of the lesson. I could not blame her with 9 other girls in the class (and they have all been to school for at least a year). She quickly relaxed though and had such a fun time. She was telling Dad about the different things she did when he got home.
Rachel also had some exciting Ballet news. She got 87 in her Ballet Exam which is Honours and all the girls who attained honours in the exams will be doing solos at the concert. She was so excited she was jumping up and down when I told her. She is also very excited about the possibility of Ruth being in the concert too. So watch this space. :-)
While Rachel had her ballet lesson Ruth drew this. She asked me to write Dad, Mum and Rachel. I think she was busy with herself when we had to go. She also drew balloons for us. :-)

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