Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cat, leaves, mist and feathers

It has become a regular thing to see Ruth walking around with Smoky in her arms. She has finally learnt how to pick her up and is making the most of it. She can't pick Tiger up as he is just too heavy but so enjoys having Smoky in arms. Thankfully Smoky seems quite happy with it.
Today the girls did a final Autumn craft. They did some leaf rubbings in crayon and then painted over them.
Rachel and Ruth made some new play dough today. I just helped with the final stirring as it gets really hard to stir when it starts thickening. They love how soft it is. I need to make sure we make new batches more often. It's so much easier to work with when it's so new and soft. Only now do I realize how hard the previous batch had become.
Rachel arrives home just before 6 from Brownies and as I went out to fetch her I noticed all the mist on the field next to our home. It was so beautiful.
Rachel arrived with a crown of feathers. She had a lovely time at Brownies again as she normally does. The last two weeks they met with the Guides as their leader was overseas. So she was really excited to have six time again today. She loves being the sixer even though it means she has to have an activity planned for every day.

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