Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Frost and flower

We have had a couple of heavy frosts the last few mornings. I spotted this stunning spiders web this morning and after showing it to the girls Ruth spotted one high up in a different tree. It's lovely to see the girls learning to look around them at the beauty of God's creation.
Another opportunity to study nature came to Rachel in one of her brownie badges. She had to draw a sketch of something in nature from two different angels. She has a nature journal that she has done some sketches in but has never tried to do something from two angels before. This was her first attempt and when I asked her to show me she said "no - they were terrible" and she had drawn lines through them both. I was shocked at her high standard for herself as I explained that she had done an excellent job. The top view is always hard to do and the flower's outer petals were starting to fall open and so it made it even more difficult to capture. I am glad she had not rubbed them out.
Yesterday she had an assessment for the "Me myself and I" badge after Ballet and this morning she did the assessment for "My creations". She has now completed 7 of the 12 specialised badges that are available. She wants to get all 12 done before she moves to Guides. She is getting a lot of sewing practice will all the badges that she is getting.

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