Thursday, March 11, 2010

North Island Day 13

We were all very excited today to get to see our first black beach. And the sand was so wonderfully smooth. It was like looking at a star filled sky as it has millions of shining specks. Really stunning and hard to describe with words.
After a little play in the sand we headed over to the waves.
Ruth was not so sure with only having Rachel's hand to hold so I put the camera down and went in with her.
We saw a lot of horses while we were at the beach. It's obviously a favourite spot to come and exercise the horses.
And they were such beautiful horses.
We even got to see some trotters. Horses trained for harness raising who only ever run at a fast trot. Very interesting.
Dad also found a huge mussel that still had it's creature inside.
A special treat to see the creature inside as the shell was slightly open.
The little ones enjoying a cuddle with Michelle as they nibble on biscuits for morning tea.
Rachel came back for her biscuit but then headed off again with Nathan. They played for ages, imagination running wild.
What a lovely morning.

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