Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Huka Falls

Then we stopped at Huka Falls. This was the view from higher up. Once again such beautiful coloured water in the river. It's not too clear but there was a drop to the right which you can only really see well from here.
Then we walked across the bridge. The drop is at the end of the rapids there.

Looking up river at the rapids. Really beautiful to watch.

Just before we reached Rotorua we stopped in to see the bubbling mud just outside one of the Thermal resorts. And then we really said "WOW".

We really did this in the right order. I think once you have been to this area Craters of the Moon and the South of Lake Taupo are really silly in comparison. But for us each was really special and we kept being amazed at how much bigger each was. It really stank though - so we did not stay long.

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