Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A busy up and down day in town

The up was a visit with friends in town. I had an ap-
pointment with Ruth at the hospital with her iron being low again and the regular tummy ache she gets. So while I was busy with Ruth, Rachel and Hannah stayed at Ingrid's home. Rachel was really excited about visiting with Layla again.
Hannah enjoying her first Grapefruit. She loved eating lemon the other day so I did not bother putting any sugar on. I must start buying Grapefruit and not just oranges and nartjies.
The other children had coloured eggs during the morning so after lunch Ruth got to do one too. She did a really good job of blowing the egg out the shell.
Big scary monster with those gloves. :-)
And then time to rub the special egg colouring on. It was only when an American friend mentioned something about enjoying seeing white eggs again after being in South Africa for a while did I realize that we only had brown eggs in SA. It obviously is much easier to colour white eggs.
Rachel had made the blue one by drawing with a special wax crayon and then dipping the egg in colouring. The purple one she did in the same way Ruth did the green one (rubbing on). They all look lovely.
They also did some hard boiled eggs coloured with beetroot juice and red onion skins.
And the down side of today was that I discovered Ruth has lice. Of all the girls it is hardest to deal with in her hair.
Added to that was taking Rachel to the optometrist in the afternoon as we had become aware of her struggling to see things at a distance when we were at the rugby in Feb. She could not read the score on the big score board and the optometrist confirmed that her distance vision is not good. So she was fitted for glasses and they will arrive within 2 weeks. A blessing though was that we have a Community Services card which helps with expenses like this - so instead of having to pay $310 we only have to pay $30. So although I was feeling very down on our trip home I will focus on the blessings God has given to us. I do hope we won't have to cut off Ruth's hair to deal with the lice - but through that I will also trust God and know that He has a good plan through this all.

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Jacqui Cunningham said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Ruth's hair. Do you know that you can rinse her hair with vinegar to kill the lice? It is a natural conditioner for hair so won't do any damage, but will be strong enough to kill the lice. Might be worth a try. hope it helps!