Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today we headed into town for a Correspondence School outing for Ruth to meet her teacher. The teachers are based in Wellington so it's nice for them to get to meet face to face. Ruth had chatted to the one teacher last week on the phone and told her about how she liked animals.
Caleb is also registered for Correspondence Preschool and so Kerry and her youngest three traveled in with us today. The children had a great time together. For the first while we were not walking with Kerry and Ruth kept asking where she was. Ruth was very excited when she eventually spotted her and we stayed together for the rest of the walk.
Rachel's friend Layla stays very close to Willobank so I told her mother we would be there today and so she joined us with her children. Rachel and Layla had a great time together. One of the highlights for her was touching the eel. Layla has been here before and knows what to do and so I think that helped Rachel have the courage to try herself. She said it was very slimy.
The highlight for me were the wonderfully friendly wallaby's. They have quite a few of them and they are really so sweet. Again the benefit of having Ingrid with was that she knew to buy food at the shop before we started. The food got the wallaby's to come over.....
and got the girls so very close to them. Even when the food was finished they were happy to stay and get patted. They are wonderfully soft.
We had a lovely day. I will put all the photos onto Ruth's blog when I get the time.

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