Saturday, February 27, 2010

We joined the Ngawhau family for a picnic lunch. We had met them just last week Saturday when they came to the pig farm for the home school visit. So it was great getting to spend more time with them.
Rachel and Natania hit it off last week and so they were excited about having so much time together so soon.
After lunch we headed back to their place so that Rachel could get a ride on Lollipop (who she heard all about last Saturday). Hannah loved their trampoline and we decided to rather let her keep her shoes on this time because before lunch she was walking around bare foot (as she normally does) and stood on a bee and got stung. Her foot started swelling quite quickly but thankfully Helen had some children's antihistamine and so we gave her that and the swelling came down quickly. She was in a lot of pain though - poor girl.
First taking Lollipop for a walk - getting to know her.
Natania rode first and then Rachel had a go. It was the first time she had to get a leg up.
Rachel - in her element.
She had borrowed the clothes from Natania (as she was wearing a dress) and Natania commented that it felt like she was watching herself ride. Ruth getting instructions on how to hold onto the main. The one time you are told to hold onto an animal's hair.
So it seems the love of horses will go to the sisters too.
And don't leave Hannah out.

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