Monday, February 1, 2010

Sorting continues

Rachel continues sorting through the books. She is now sorting by author and then by title. The little page she has there on the bookshelf looks a bit like this. I have separated the letter according to the Alphabet song and hopefully soon she will be able to either jump in where she needs to with the song (if you are not sure about m and n then just start singing lmnop) and hopefully she will eventually have a better mental picture of where they are.
Rachel baked the Chocolate Crisps today and did a great job. Then she helped Dad get dinner ready as I had another physio appointment for my arm. It is already much better but the muscles are still very tight in my shoulder and on the outside of my shoulder blade. Amazing that the muscle tension and the pain are not in the same area at all. I am very thankful for an excellent physio. And I was again thankful for a lovely meal.

After dinner Brendon spent a bit of time in the veggie garden and Ruth and Hannah decided they wanted to feed the chooks some worms. It was so funny to watch how carefully Hannah carried the worm over.

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