Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guide Biscuits

We got home by 3pm yesterday so that Kerry could fetch her older two after school. On the way home she had some groceries to pick up (she e-mails them a list and they get it all ready for her) and so I popped into the shop to see if they had buttermilk. WOW! Real buttermilk. It came in a 1L though so I got some self-raising flour and got the plain rusks started. They dried out overnight and we tested them for morning tea this morning. Yummmmyyyyyy. I will get the wholewheat ones started today.
I bought another computer chair on Tuesday and put that together this morning. It did not take Hannah long to grab this part to ride on.
Rachel's "job" for a while this morning was to look after Hannah so that I could get some phone calls done and finalize some Guiding things before we go away. So to keep Hannah occupied they looked through some hair things. Hannah was the first to get her two pig tails but soon all three where having the same fun. Very sweet.
I did the Brownie transport this afternoon so that I could collect biscuits for a few of the mothers. I collected 35 boxes. We have 6 to sell and hope to get some sold at the ferry terminal this weekend. March is biscuit sale month - so it's hard that we are away. Thankfully we have permission to sell a day early and so hope to get a few donation there.
And now that most of the items for this week are done I can finally start thinking about packing.
Brendon made a decision that has saved me hours of work - he decided to buy a GPS. So I don't have to spend ages checking Google and printing maps and directions. What a blessing. So tomorrow I start packing. Now I can start getting excited about our holiday. We leave Saturday morning.

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