Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally packing

This morning we woke to a gentle rain. We needed to return the ride-on toys to the toy library so I brought them in for the girls to dry off. Poor Hannah was so upset when I put them in the car. They enjoyed Music and Movement again this morning though and I think that helped cheer her up. By lunchtime the clouds were gone and we had a nice hot afternoon (which was great as I could get the last of the washing done).
Amazing how cats love boxes. I had opened a new bag of flour yesterday for the rusks but did not get around to packing it away. Tiger spent quite a bit of time sleeping by the flour today. So sweet.
Rachel went to youth this evening. They have started meeting a second time each month and it starts at 5:30 and includes tea (dinner). So she was very excited about that.
When I headed out for the washing this evening the chooks came over hoping I had some scraps for them. I remembered that there was some food so brought that out and the kittens followed. It was so cute to see them all eating together. The chooks were a bit nervous at first but eventually they were all just looking around for the last little bits of rice.

Hannah is so funny to watch after her bath. She thinks it's the greatest game to hide from Dad. She did really well tonight in keeping quite. Normally she giggles so much.
I finally started packing at 6 and by 8:30 most of it was done. So that was great. Just the last bits and pieces tomorrow morning. Rachel is so very excited about our holiday. I am sure it's going to be great. I am going to have a lot of blog catching up to do when I get back though. :-) See you in 3 weeks time.

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