Friday, February 19, 2010

Brendon's record from 1991

The girls enjoyed Music and Movement again today.

One of the favorite items is the parachute.The girls were excited about their new computer games arriving in the post this morning. I got Ruth Jumpstart Preschool and I got Rachel a new typing programme. She has had one that has been ok but is a bit boring and not many games. This new one has 5 games but it looks like they will be too difficult at the beginning. I am disappointed that I can't get the dos "Typing Tutor" that my Dad had that I learnt on. It has so much on it and the games only used the letters you were using - so you could get really quick before moving on. So although I am not thrilled (it's not as good as the one I used) and the games are for now a bit hard for Rachel - she is still happy with all the other functions it has.
Smokey coming for a cuddle with Ruth.
This evening we had the Guides and Brownies Registration evening. We enjoyed a local walk - you can just see Ruth there with the girls and Hannah was in a pram with me. Brendon was our designated front runner as we wanted an adult up front and some of the girls wanted to run. Brendon seemed the logical choice as I heard from my Dad that Brendon still holds the 800m record at PEMHSAA since 1991!!!!!
I also had to chair my first Support Group meeting as District Coordinator tonight. Thankfully I was well enough today to get everything done that was needed.

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