Friday, January 22, 2010

Tired Mum

I went through to Ruth this morning as she had slept in a bit and she said she wanted to just stay in bed for a bit longer. Well, that was all the encouragement I needed to join her for a little rest. I was just so tired today that I even had a nap with the younger two this afternoon and slept longer then them. Hopefully this was all the catching up I needed and I will be feeling "back to normal" tomorrow.

This morning I showed Hannah how to get off the side of the climbing frame safely. She wanted to follow Ruth off there so I showed her how she needed to do it. She got it first time and thought it was so much fun she just kept doing it, over and over again.
Tiger enjoyed being pushed around by the girls this afternoon. Hannah still has to learn to ask nicely for her turn. Generally I will tell Hannah to ask nicely and have to tell Ruth to not just give things to her when she moans. So Ruth was holding on - waiting for her to ask nicely.
Working on more of the twists for Ruth. Just slowly getting through all of her hair. Combing it out so that there are absolutely no knots. Hannah wants to do everything Ruth does - so she got Rachel to sit and work with her hair for a while. They were watching the "bee movie".
Ruth also enjoys brushing Hannah's hair for her. So sweet.

Dad saw Smokey playing with Hannah for the first time this afternoon. Such an affectionate little cat and Hannah enjoys him so much. They had been going from one side of the chair to the other and so at the end of the video Brendon points to the side and tells Hannah (quietly) to go from side to side again. You can just hear her little "ok" in reply. A reply we often here and which is so very sweet.

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