Saturday, January 16, 2010

Part 1 - New chook area

Once Brendon was home from work this morning we had a cuppa and then all headed back to pick up some wire mesh for a new home for our chooks. The girls always love having a ride in the ute and even spent some time playing in there while we loaded everything up.
We borrowed a huge trailer and were given permission to take some of the old pieces that were lying around. So that is step one. We have the mesh. Now we need wire and wire cutter so attach it to the existing fence. What this space....
The girls spent most of the time walking around looking at the pigs.
Steve (the boss who said we could take the wire) popped over and invited us for a cuppa. So once we were loaded up we had a quick visit with them. We had to get home though to get Hannah fed and in bed. It was a nice morning and so enjoyable for the girls.
We were excited to receive our Zumba in the post today. So Brendon, Rachel and I had our first session this afternoon and had a great time learning a few steps and already getting to do a couple of workouts. Hopefully it will be easier now to get that daily exercise in.
Ruth is just loving her 30min of "maths" in the evening before bed. I am realizing how many wonderful education things we have and I will make sure there is always one out all the time. Hannah enjoyed these shapes today and kept telling me their colours. She is very good with Blue, Orange, Yellow and Red. Still working on green - but with these toys out I know she will pick it up quickly.

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