Monday, January 4, 2010

Ladies and letters

One of the items on my new daily list is to do something special with the girls. All that was needed today to get lovely smiles was to serve their lunch on a tray and say "ladies, your lunch".Just as the peas are ready to eat, so the sweet peas are ready to smell. But alas - the plants are just as small as with the peas. So I hope to plant more of both and see how they do through the summer.
The section we want to plant needed to be cleared and so Brendon put the water on to soften the ground. The girls had such a fun time running through the sprinkler that we moved it around the garden for them. Ruth was the wettest and even had a go at sitting on the water. She was making us all laugh and we all had such a fun time.
Sopping wet and loving it.
Brendon even got the ute in to help pull out the roots of the ugly plants that were growing in this section. So hopefully we can get some sweet peas growing up there soon.

With Ruth starting to learn the alphabet I got out the Letterland Computer Game we have and so she is learning to use the computer too. She had such a fun time and I am sure will want to spend time on this every day.
Rachel enjoying a cuddle with Tiger.

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Jacqui Cunningham said...

I've just noticed that you've lost Ruth's ticker (Lilypie)