Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hair and books

We left just before 8 this morning to get to Natu by 9. While she prepared the extensions I took the twists out and Ruth spent a bit of time with Natu's daughter.
Almost done now. We left around 12:30 but it did take longer today that it would normally because of getting the extensions ready. In future she would know the colour to get ready for Ruth and would have that all prepared before hand. Natu was very impressed with how well Ruth sat. For all the photos have a look here.
Ruth loves her hair. Our little African Princess.
On the way home we attended the Library Party for the summer reading programme that Rachel was a part of. This was why Rachel came with this morning - limiting our traveling as much as possible.
She got a certificate for completing the programme and had a lovely time. For all the photos have a look here.
We got down to the pool again this afternoon. Hannah insisted on wearing her boots. She likes that she can now wear Ruth's old costume. Her one was getting a bit small.