Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally done!!!

Ever since we moved in my clothes have been unsorted. I think the move happened so very quickly and we needed to unpack suitcases of clothes so that we could use the suitcases to fetch more - that it all just got dumped and I have just been digging for what I need since then. So finally (with me getting cupboards sorted this week) I tackled mine. One of those areas that niggle at you and bug you even though they are out of sight to everyone else.
Quite a transformation. How nice.
Loads of other sorting had to happen for this to be possible - but as a good friend says -it's only the first 5 minutes that might be hard - once you get started it's a lot easier than what you imagine it will be.
Our lettuce is looking so lovely. I bought a seedling tray with a variety of sorts - so it's really pretty to see all the colours. We enjoyed BBQ chops this evening and Brendon has really perfected it - they were soooo good. And all we had to accompany them was a huge salad.

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