Monday, November 30, 2009

Slow day

Slow day for me that is. I have a head cold. It was really cold over the weekend as we even had a fire going on Saturday and Sunday. So I am really looking forward to summer settling in for good. These constant changes are just too much for our bodies to cope with. It's been someone with a runny nose for 5 weeks now. So I do hope this is it now - all 5 of us have had our turn.

Even though Hannah is not completely well yet (she still has a runny nose) she is not lacking in energy. At least 3 times today Rachel and her had a running session around the chair. When Brendon saw it this evening he suggested that Rachel let Hannah catch her at some point so that she would not get bored. I told him he need not worry - Hannah just goes and goes. So she should at least sleep well tonight. :D

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