Monday, November 23, 2009

Rest, recovery and realty

Brendon saw the doctor this morning and although his chest is still sounding quite bad, he could not hear any rubbing to indicate pleurisy on the lungs. He said we may have been able to catch it just as it was starting and that the last 24 hours of antibiotics have already helped. So Brendon had a very quiet day at home today. The girls enjoyed having Dad around even if he can't play much with them, just sitting on his lap is fun.
Picnic lunch on the climbing frame. So much excitement and fun from something so simple.
Hannah saying "cheese".
Although it was quite windy today it was not too cold. So after dinner the girls enjoyed some time playing outside. These long summer days are so enjoyable for them.
At 6:30 we headed out to have a look at a property that is up for sale. What an amazing property. Ten acres and just beautiful. With loads of established fruit and nut trees and plenty of space to have free range chickens, a few sheep and cows too..... Large 3 bedroom house with enough room to home school. Two rooms re-done and if the kitchen and bathroom had a makeover it would be a stunning house. And you should see the veggie garden including greenhouse. It even has half the electricity supplied by solar and wind....
Double what we could afford though....

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