Monday, November 2, 2009

On, in and up

So after being in the house for 3 months I finally brought out the fridge magnets. Ruth immediately started sorting them into colours so I suggested she put them in a rainbow order. She also tackled another of the horse puzzles. She did really well.

While I hung washing the girls enjoyed playing in the long grass. By the time I got my camera Hannah had left - but they had a great time in there making houses and pathways.

I have needed new piano books for Rachel and so I bought a few off Trade Me. They are Grade 1 books but are actually still to hard for her. She has been very diligent in practicing this one though and has worked her way through half the song so far. She loves moving around on the keys.
Work starts 1/2 an hour earlier this week. So Brendon leaves just after 6am but he got home before 3:30 which was wonderful. We sat outside enjoying the sun. Hannah has been going over the climbing frame on her own lately, but today had her first fall. Right from the top. So this photo is Dad encouraging her to try again. It amazes me that these little ones don't get hurt. She did get a big fright but was up and on the go so quickly. It takes me back to Rachel's study on bones and how babies bones are still soft. We do serve an amazing God who cares for so many little details.
Then while I got dinner finished Brendon tackled the long grass around the sand pit. There are a lot of acorns around and so I always just avoid the area. He had the mower set high though and it looks so good now. It will be much easier to keep short now that it is done.
It was just so hot today. I was not looking forward to trying to eat. So we decided to eat outside. Rachel got the tabled cleaned off for us and it was such a good idea. It was lovely in the shade with a cool breeze.
I must get my tripod set up so that I can quickly pop it on there for photos like this. This is not a great one as the camera is just on the top of a stack of chairs. So perhaps next time.
After dinner the girls got climbing again. Hannah thinks she is so clever up there on her tippy toes. :D
This roller had to be moved to cut the grass (perhaps another reason I did not get into that area). So the girls had fun moving it back. And yes, both Rachel and Ruth managed to move it a little.
What a beautiful garden we have to enjoy. What stunning colours and what wonderful weather. This photo was taken just before 6pm.
Thank You God for a lovely day.

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