Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hair day

That time again. Brendon washed it this morning and then we got a 45 min session in while watching Barnie Rhyme Time (1/2 the top done). A break for morning tea and then a 50min session while watching Barnie Round and Round we go (other side of the top done). Then it was lunch and nap time.
The Sound of Music was then used for the rest of the day. A 30 min session before dinner (one row done) and then a 40min session before bed (2nd row done). And I still have the bottom two rows to do. The thing that takes the longest is actually getting the hair combed out - gently - so that the knots are all out and I can braid without pulling.
I decided to rather have shorter sessions through the day and just take my time. This way it's a lot less stressful for both of us. I also find the more time I take in doing the hair - the longer the style lasts. So if we spent 5 hours getting it done and it lasts 9 weeks, it works out to less than 5 min a day. So that does not sound all that bad....
Rachel's reward for working so well through September. Now we just have to plan a "special day" for her. Her choice would be to spend it with the horses down the road. So we will see what we can plan for her.

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