Sunday, October 18, 2009

Accordion and cars

On our way to church this morning we stopped in to have a family photo taken in Hawarden. We had booked an appointment for the "special" - 1 free portrait - and it will be interesting to see how the photo comes out. She did not do a whole lot of poses but focused on getting one right. So we look forward to having a nice family photo to put up in our hallway.
After church this morning Ira let Ruth plan on his accordion. At first she just played on the keys while he kept the bellows moving and played chords to accompany her.
Ira is really good with little children. Last week he kept Hannah quiet during church by paging through books with her.
It did not take Ruth long to want to have a go at the chord buttons too. She was also shown how if the bellows are not moving then no sound is produced. So Ira patiently kept the bellows going so Ruth could have a play. It was really sweet to watch.
I had taped Cars last night and so this evening we got to watch it together as a family. It was a lovely movie with lots of good lessons to learn too.

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