Monday, September 7, 2009

Moving that foot

Ruth has really enjoyed this puzzle book. She has managed to do them on her own and is really developing so many skills. Now she will be on the look out for others again....
Today Rachel used my cell phone's reminder so that every 10 minutes she would move her foot. The doctor had said that this movement was very important in the healing process and she has been very diligent through the day.

She also made an effort to put the foot on the ground as she walked. She would not put any weight on it, but just get the foot making the correct movements.
She was very impressed to be able to take a couple of steps without the walker this afternoon. She wanted to impress Dad with the wonderful improvement.
We so enjoyed our eggs for lunch today. Hannah had two boiled eggs. Ruth pealed hers but wanted them as egg mayo (mashed with mayonnaise). Rachel and I had omelettes. So in total we used 10 eggs..... for just 4 of us..... it's SOOOO nice having our own chooks... :D
Thankfully our chooks are settling in nicely. We were only getting 2 eggs every day from the 6 of them for the first few days, but yesterday I collected 5 and today I got a big surprise. I collected 3 this morning and when I went back this afternoon (expecting to possibly get another 2) there were 5. Although I think 5 will be a more normal expectation for each day. I also see how much they are eating as their feeder was almost empty. So just to make the point - the eggs are not totally free. The 25kg of food is not going to last as long as I had expected.
Ruth got a box of two puzzles out and tried them again. The last time she attempted them they were too difficult. But she managed this one today. It's only 36 pieces while the animal book ones are 48 pieces. So the definitely helped her to be able to tackle this one. I also found it helped her to build it on a piece of paper. She then knew were the edges should go.
I planted some seeds today. Cucumber, Zucchini (Yellow and Green) and Pepper. I will keep the try inside overnight and then put it out in the sun through the day.

Rachel has not been able to bath with the girls since her accident (the last thing we need is for that foot to get bumped). So the younger two were in on their own this evening and we just left the door open so we could hear what they were up to. I walked past at one point and saw this. These girls bring so many laughs into our home. What blessings.

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