Monday, September 21, 2009


It's been over a week of play dough ever day and I can see that it will continue for quite some time. The girls get really creative and make sure they don't miss a day of playing with it.
Rachel is really enjoying her "narration station". I will post all her entries on her blog.
We often see ducks walking along the drive but today I watched as they came just to the right (where the grass is longer) as there is a gap under the fence.
And they walked right across the lawn. My guess is that these are the parents of the eggs. It will be quite exciting if we have them walking along with their ducklings at some point.
Rachel was really excited about getting stuck into her new Math programme. Math-U-See. She did 3 lessons today. She has started with their first year as I want to work through this all and see where the gaps are in her foundation. I would rather take a little bit of extra time on these first years and make sure the base that she is working on is really solid.
So much fun.
A new puzzle book arrived but I asked Ruth to work through all the Fairy Tale puzzles in the book she had before starting the new one. So today she built all 6. Rachel also read her the stories from the new Fairy Tale book. It's great for her to get to know these well known stories too.

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