Saturday, August 8, 2009

Picnic and friends

Another beautiful day today so the girls were really excited to show Brendon our new picnic spot. Not a bad photo for a timer shot. Thankfully there was a nice branch that I could prop the camera on.Then it was exploration time again and these are Rachel's treasures.
Ruth walked all the way there (almost 700m) and they both walked this far on our way home. The picnic spot is a bit to the left of them in the background. So they both did really well.

Brian and Julia joined us for dinner tonight. Julia had asked if the girls could eat ice scream. She makes the loveliest ice scream and said she would bring some with. I had said Hannah would not have because she can't have dairy or sugar in the evenings. So she brought a special banana ice scream just for her (just mashed banana and vanilla that was frozen).
It seems this is Ruth's new tradition after dinner with guests.
We had a lovely visit. Brian and Julia are both very special to us and the girls all love them very much.

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