Saturday, August 15, 2009

Farm life

So even though we knew we could sleep in, both Brendon and I were up before 7. I had bought some bacon last night though (yes - I did a little bit of shopping before the movie) and so we enjoyed a relaxed morning and lovely bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Then we headed over to fetch the children. Hannah was the one I had been most concerned about and she had the best sleep last night. Unfortunately Rachel did not go to bed at the same time as the others (as she normally does) and so when she did go to bed she woke Ruth up. It took a while for Ruth to get back to sleep so she was very tiered this morning. So although they were happy to see Mom - they had also had a lovely visit and Kathy said they were very good.
They even picked some flowers for Mom. Both Kathy and her husband said at least twice each "any time". So perhaps we will take them up on the offer again some time....
Finally I had my camera in the car to get a photo of some of the lambs on the farm next to us. These ones are already a couple of weeks old. It's a lovely time of year with all the little lambs.
Our landlords moved the cows on the field opposite the house - so the girls are loving that.
Rachel was also excited about getting home this morning as she said she had an "appointment at 9". She had asked the owners if she could go with them today when they move the cows. So although we were a little bit late - she still got to enjoy some time with them.
It did not take her long to make friends.
A new book worm in the making. But boy does she like these blankets too....

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Fiona Macneil said...

Ciara has about 7 of these blankets in various sizes also from SA, kindly given by Nana. She loves them so much she won't go to bed without one, and if we walk out the door, she says "banket banket" so that we don't forget to take one with, and if she is upset it always calms her down, these blankets are brilliant.