Thursday, August 13, 2009

Box and bake

The girls had so much fun with this box today. They started by taking turns being INSIDE.
And then I showed them that if the box was down they could both fit in (although not close the box). These two are so close and love each other so very much.
Amazing how much more fun toys are when you are sitting in a box with them...
A pretty little visitor.
My latest bulk purchase. I have always bought the 1kg syrup tins and then topped up my bottles from there. But now I have bought a 4kg bucket. So there is another item that will only need to be purchased once a year....
Rachel's two friends Hayley and Grace (sisters) are being enrolled at Brownies today. So they have a bit of a party and so Rachel and I made some cookies for her to take with.
I then tried the recipe with gluten free flour and Ruth helped with flattening the balls.
It didn't take Hannah long to join in.
And they were such a success. Not every recipe will work with gluten free flour - so thanks Jacqui for your "Chocolate crisps" recipe.


Fiona Macneil said...

How do you decant syrup without making a huge mess???

Buckland said...

I suppose I have gotten used to it over the years. With this big bucket I use a measuring cup to scoop out and then pour from that into the smaller bottle. So the only "mess" is the outside of the measuring cup - which I scrape off with a spoon.
When I decanted from the 1kg tin I would just pour directly and there would only be a little on the tin's lip to clean at the end.
You have to really concentrate though, a second of distraction can cause a HUGE mess. :D