Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More hair care

My neighbour, Lynn, used to be a hairdresser and gave me a trim a little while ago and said I should just let her know when I needed it cut again. It is always hard for me to ask, but I called her yesterday and she said she could come over this afternoon. So I got a lovely hair cut and then Rachel asked if she could get her hair trimmed too. Rachel felt very fancy getting her hair cut.
Lynn will be away next week and so she is glad that we have invited Bob over for a couple of meals and Rachel will also spend a bit of time helping out on the farm through the week too. Just to give him a little bit of extra company and help Lynn feel better that he will not be totally on his own the whole week.
And yes, I need to get a photo still of my new hair do. I seem to be behind the camera so much though... not often on the other side.... :-)

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