Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun family Sunday

It was a very frosty start to the day. Unfortunately you can't see it all that well on the photo but all the grass you can see was white. The one good thing about these frosty mornings is the beautiful day that lies ahead.
After watching a sermon on the computer we enjoyed some time in the sun before lunch. We are not all well enough to be going out to church yet - so we have to make the most of what we have and just enjoy the family day at home.
It did not take Rachel long to join in the tickle session.
And then Hannah decided that Mom should join in too. Here she is giving me a HUGE kiss.
We have a number of these soft blankets (thanks to Nana) and Hannah just LOVES them. She will often get one and wrap herself up in it.
We have been feeding the birds bread crumbs (and crusts) this week and I finally managed to get a couple of photos.
Hannah has enjoyed watching birds for months now, so it's really nice to have them coming so close. There was a tree outside our kitchen at the old house where she would always look and often spot some. We hope to get a bird feeder up at this house and with this lovely glass sliding door them will be able to watch them so much more.
While the little two had their afternoon nap, Brendon headed over to the old house to pick up the last of our wood. I phoned and organized for Rachel to have a quick visit with Bob and Lynn at the same time (which she was so excited about). They came home with a new jersey for Ruth which Lynn had knitted and it is such a perfect fit.
Rachel still busy creating (and eating) from the left over icing from Ruth's cake. Today Ruth and Hannah joined in. Although Ruth did try to do a bit of "creating" Hannah immediately put hers in her mouth.
Afternoon story time. Dad reading to Ruth...
and Hannah reading to Mom.
Today's variation on the stew was to use lamb meat that Bob had given to us. So we had a lovely lamb casserole tonight and I had enough for 4 servings to put in the freezer. So my stock is already up to 6 and I still have some more veggies, so I will do a pork stew in the next few days.
Hannah was getting restless at the table and looking really tiered. I suggested we just give her the bowl and spoon and see how she does on feeding herself. It would at least give her something to distract her from feeling tiered and wanting to get down. And she did incredibly well. There was only a little bit of food that ended up on the table and she so enjoyed being a "big girl" and feeding herself with a spoon. She also ate so well.
This evening Brendon helped me sort out the cables so that we could get the girls computer set up as well as the power to my sewing cabinet (far left). It was nice to get this sorted out. The cabinet is so heavy that I have not even bothered to unpack the boxes that need to go in there because I was not sure if it would need to be moved. So at least we are a little closer to getting more boxes unpacked.

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