Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First dinner guests in our new home

Another beautiful sunrise. 7:10am.
I got a call from Dave yesterday to find out how we were doing. He was the one who came the week before our move and also organized everything for Saturday. So he knew all that still needed to be done and so when he heard that our desk was taking up space in our garage (and that we would need to replace it) he said "but we can get it upstairs". He organized to bring the family around today and join us for dinner. They are aware of the girls still having coughs and said it did not worry them.
So after dinner he quickly took the desk apart in the garage, they brought it up in pieces and he put it together again in a way that would be easy for future disassembly and reassembly. What a blessing to have our desk back.
So while the men were busy with the desk Ruth got a story read to her, Rachel had a great time playing with their younger son and.....
Hannah joined in with the work on the desk. :-)
Then we enjoyed some pudding and more fellowship. They have been such a help to us and it was lovely to have them join us for dinner.
Please also note that Brendon and Dave are wearing t-shirts. We have such a warm home. And it's not because it is not cold outside. I have had to wear gloves to hang the washing up because if I don't my fingers get so cold and sore within 5 minutes of being out there. A good reminder of how well that fireplace is warming our home.

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