Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Fire in Hundred Acre Woods"

What I often dread happened this morning. I put the cake in the oven for safe keeping overnight and an hour before the party I asked Rachel to put the oven on to cook the sausage rolls. If I had switched the oven on myself I would have remembered. But i only remembered a while later and by the time I rescued it there were sections of icing that had just melted off. God was so good though this though and the main damage was on the back of the cake (and not right in front). Through the night I had thought about "painting" the trees with cocoa and writing Ruth's name on the front. I am thankful I had not done this last night - that would have melted and made such a mess.
So I rushed the cake to another room in the house - the house being so cold it helped cool the cake down really quickly. And then when it was cool I painted the trees a bit and added Ruth's name and felt a lot better about it.
So although there was a fire in the Hundred Acre Woods just an hour before the party - no trees were burnt down and there was just some damage to branches.
And a friend shared that she had done the same thing once - so it helps to know I am not alone...

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