Thursday, June 25, 2009

A walk with Rachel

When we got back yesterday and Ruth told Rachel about feeding the horse some apples Rachel was so disappointed that she had not joined us. So today she definitely felt well enough to join us for a walk. And can you believe the apples on that tree. It's the only tree in the road that still has apples on. The horse as eaten all that he can reach so was very excited about us visiting again so that we could give him some more.
Hannah enjoyed being "up close"
As did Ruth. She insisted we should also bring him a carrot but let Mom actually give it to him. She did give him a pat though.
And Rachel gave him a wonderful long pat. She was talking softly to him all the time and I could see he was far more relaxed with her. She so enjoyed this.
Then we stopped by the cows on the way back. It's so fun to see them run over when they see you. Hoping you have some food.
Rachel found some grass to give them and although they were very excited about that - they were not willing to take it out of her hand.
And just look at how quickly they have eaten those oats down. Yesterday it was so high it was up to their tummies and now it's just a thin layer of green.
I was so thankful for these two days of lovely clear and warmer weather so that we could enjoy getting out to experience the joys of nature just down our road.

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