Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hair time again - day 1

Her last "hair do" had lasted for 9 weeks. Our best yet. So I had the "bright" idea to leave it loose for a week to give her a break. Today was the day for getting it done though, so she had morning bath with Dad and he does all the fancy washing and shampooing.
And they have some fun with it too.
The other girls were having fun with marbles.
We had one session in the morning after the bath and then after she woke from her nap I decided to rather leave the next session till a little later. So the girls enjoyed doing an art project that someone had given them.
Cute dog pen holders.
So here is what it looked like after the first session. It looks really nice like this but it is impossible to leave like this. Already I regretted having left the hair loose for a week. There were so many knots and we really had a frustrating day with this hair today. It was so painful for her and there were many tears shed (even though I work as carefully as I can).
Hannah enjoyed some colouring too.
Then session number two before bed. It went better than the morning session but I eventually had to just say "we will finish it tomorrow". You can see all the hair on the floor that I had to literally pull off because it was just so knotted. Don't worry, she does not feel it well I pull those knots off. I thin it was this morning trying to get the knots undone which caused so much extra pain.

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