Monday, June 22, 2009

Dummy trouble

Hannah has been teething and with all her chewing has finally done some real damage to her dummy. The section that is now missing was hanging by a thread, so I pulled it off. Well what a performance we had when it was time for her nap this afternoon. When I gave her the dummy she looked at it with such disdain as if to say "what is THAT you are giving me".... but when I offered her a new one I had, she was not at all interested in it. So it was not a pleasant afternoon and eventually (after almost 2 hours) I rocked her to sleep which she resisted for over half an hour as she has never been rocked to sleep before. The dear girl was so exhausted.
I went out to squash that evening and while I was out Brendon tied Hannah's dummy on and she slowly got used to it with a quarter missing. Thankfully she went to sleep that night without much trouble.
But we had more trouble with Ruth. Her dummy had been wearing away and was only hanging on in the middle. It had been this way since February when Brendon's parents were here and they often ask if it is still going. Well finally it was looking like the top may fall off. I gave it a tug but it was still tightly on. Ruth however decided that I should cut it off. I was not wanting to do this but she insisted. So I snipped the top off (there was only a tiny middle bit left on both sides) and now it looks like this. Ruth was not happy and asked for the new dummy. But we told her that because she is almost 3 she is not allowed the new one. So after a bit of a cry she went to sleep with her broken dummy too.

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