Sunday, June 7, 2009

Camera lost and found

This morning after church the girls were playing in the playground and I left the camera there. We had lunch with one of the church families who lived close and only got home after 3pm. It was only when we arrived home that I realized I had left it. I immediately phoned the couple we had lunch with and they popped down to the park to look. It was not there. They phoned a number of other families in the church, but no one had it.
I was so very upset. Here I am using Rachel's camera because mine is in to hopefully be repaired and then I loose it. I really felt terrible and was just praying that the Lord would allow someone to find it and contact us.
The Lord was so good and within 30 minutes I was talking to a lady who had walked by the park earlier, seen the camera bag and found our telephone number inside. What a relief. The couple close to the park will pick it up for us and we will get it from them next Sunday. They stay almost 50km from us, so that's why we will wait for next week.
Another blessing through this all was that when we headed into town yesterday I took the camera with and used the camera bag as my handbag and had our tickets in there. The tickets were booked on-line and so they had our details (including telephone number) printed on them. The tickets were still in my bag and this allowed us to have quick contact with the lady who found it.
So unfortunately, you will have to wait for another week before you can see any of our photos from last night and there won't be any photos taken this week. But I am so thankful that the camera was found and will be back with us next week. God is so good.

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