Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Snow

Rachel was very excited this morning to give me my mother's day card and present. Even before I could get dressed. :-)
Please note I am now "Mum" and not "Mom" because as Rachel says "we live in New Zealand now".
Unfortunately Brendon had to work for a couple of hours this morning (he has not had to work at all on Sunday's for months). Ruth had been saying something about a present and when Brendon got home he got two more presents out the cupboard. Ruth was very excited to be able to give me a present too.
And another one from Brendon. Boy was I spoiled today.
And then around lunch time, with the temperature 1 outside, it started to snow. The girls were so very excited. There was a lot of rain however so it did not settle. The girls got their snow suits on and ran outside. The Lord was good and allowed the rain to stop for a while so they could enjoy some snowflakes.
Hannah was fascinated.
And when we finally got her attention we could see she was really enjoying it.
Eating snowflakes off Mom's gloves.
When I went out later in the afternoon to get some wood for the wood box I saw how much snow had fallen on the mountain at the end of our road (if you can't see clearly - double click on the photo to see it "close up"). The wind coming off there was bitterly cold. So again I was so very thankful for all the wood we have that keeps our fire going through these cold days.
God is so good. What a wonderful day I had with my special family.

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