Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today we headed from Gore towards Dunedin. Thankfully there was not too much traveling to do so we could stop for morning tea and the girls could stretch their legs. Hannah's walking has gotten better every week and it is so fun to see her toddling everywhere.
Ruth loved this slide but it was very fast and she ended up flying off the bottom every time. We had to change her completely before we hit the road again. :-)
Another day of beautiful scenery to enjoy.
And again Rachel was so excited to see the sea. We took the scenic route from Milton into Dunedin which was really pretty along the coast.
The holiday park in Dunedin was by far the best park of the whole trip. The facilities were great, the sites where great - it was just nice in every way. We arrived in Dunedin in time to have lunch and then enjoy the afternoon around town.
Our first stop was Cadbury World. That mountain behind them is thousands of small crunchie bars.
They had a couple of musical moving displays which the girls really enjoyed.
And then we did a shortened tour through the factory (shorter because the factory does not work on weekends - but you get to see some of it and learn a lot about it all). We were not allowed to take cameras into the factory but were allowed to take a photo in this lovely old delivery vehicle.
At the start of the tour they gave us each a packet of chocolates and showed us a very interesting video about the history of Cadbury's Chocolate in New Zealand.
We bought a lovely chocolate smelling fridge magnet that looks like a few peaces of chocolate (with a bite taken out of the one corner) and a bit of chocolate. During the tour she had told us the biggest bar that is sold is 12kg - and when we got back to the shop we forgot to ask about it. Boy would Brendon have LOVED to have 12kg of chocolate..... :-)
Then we headed to the "Steepest Street in the World" and decided we had to give it a try.
Nana decided to stay at the bottom, Ruth was in the stroller and Hannah in the back pack. It was a hard climb but very rewarding to reach the top.
They even have a bench (which the camera is on) and a water fountain at the top (which was a VERY clever idea). When we got down we went to the shop and got our certificate for our climb.
This gives you a bit of an idea of how steep it is, but you still can't see the really steep bit. I must also mention that Brendon ran up the last 10 to 15 meters. And it was quite a job coming down with that stroller too. But a lot of fun and we are glad we got to do it. A very good testimony too to Grandpa's knee replacements. Well done Grandpa.
So here is the info for those who are interested in specifics.
We were blessed with another lovely day. It did drizzle a bit in the day but not a lot. It was just enough to give us this magnificent rainbow to see. We could see the entire bow and it was just beautiful. A friend had told me before about special things that I had never noticed before and so it was nice to see all that I had learnt. (Note the sky is lighter under the rainbow than above. Also that there is another rainbow above the main one and that the colours are inverted.)
We enjoyed lovely fish and chips for dinner and enjoyed a game of rugby on the TV before getting the girls in bed. It was another lovely day.
Only 170km today. A beautiful and fun day.

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