Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Birthday Dinner

Brendon had wanted to do something different for dinner on my birthday so that I did not have to cook. Well, the closest restaurant is so very far away that it is not really practical. So Brendon phoned Julia and asked if she would mind if we came for dinner. She does run a B&B and prepares wonderful meals, so she is almost the closest restaurant (and her food is better than a restaurant any day).
She was unfortunately very busy on the 8th (so we had frozen pizzas so that I did not have much food prep to do on the day either) but she said she would love to have us over on the 9th. So I ended up having a two day birthday.
Well, she went to town. She had balloons up at the gate and all over the house. She had "Happy Birthday Belinda" written on this sign (inside and out) and just made me feel so very special. She is a gift from God to us.
As usual the girls got to enjoy walking around outside when we arrived. They have a number of cute little ducklings which the girls were excited to see.
Very sweet little thing.
And then I was so very surprised when Maureen (my midwife) and her husband Brian arrived. Julia had invited them (and another couple who could not make it) to join us for the dinner. What a wonderful present that was too. I had not seen her for a while and it was so good to see her again.
Julia had decorated the table so very beautifully and not only were the flowers all from her garden, but all the food was "home grown" too (including the lamb).
Julia had even made a cake (without wheat flour so that Ruth could enjoy it with us too). Rachel was so excited and asked if she had candles. So Rachel put LOTS of candles on and got to sing AGAIN.
We had such a lovely evening.
Thank you Julia. You are a very special friend.
The two ladies who have been the most amazing support to me over the last year. You are both gifts to me from God and I thank Him for you and all that you have done for me and my family through this year.

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