Friday, February 18, 2005

The Cavern

With Brendon finishing his studies at the beginning of this year he suggested we use the deposit we would get back to go on a special holiday to The Cavern - Drakensburg (where we went for our honeymoon). We asked Brendon's parents if they could look after Rachel and they said they would actually like to come with.
We booked together and when it came to paying Brendon's Dad said he would pay for us all. What a blessing. So Brendon allocated they money to buying me a digital camera. Blessing upon blessing.
It was great having our back pack with so that we could all go on a walk together. Friends from church had told Rachel she must take a drink from the lovely streams - which she did. And Brendon dunked his head in to cool off.
It was really lovely.
Brendon and I had been "training" for this walk for a number of months and were very pleased that we were able to go on it (even though there were only 3 of us with the guide). It's called the Big Five as you go up the 5 peaks around the Cavern resort. At some places it was incredibly steep and quite scary. Brendon's Dad had done the walk when they came here when Brendon was a child and so it was wonderful for Brendon to finally get to experience what his Dad has talked about.
It was a long 7 1/2 hours but it was absolutely amazing and an experience Brendon and I will never forget.
Some of the views from our hike.
More pictures from our hike. Brendon's Dad even bought us the tee shirts (you are only allowed to own one if you have done the walk).
We went on a short walk with Nana and Grandpa up to a waterfall. Brendon bravely got under the waterfall and Rachel managed to get her hair a bit wet.
Time at the pool. Nana bribed Rachel to jump in with Brendon. She finally did and earned Nana's bottle of coins. There was enough money in the bottle for her to buy a new swimsuit. We had such an amazing holiday. Thank you Grandpa.

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