Saturday, October 11, 2003

Collins family

Brendon had two sets of lectures that were really close. So instead of having two trips up to Gauteng, we drove up for the first set and then Rachel and I stayed with my family while Brendon flew home for the time in between. It was cheaper than us traveling by car twice.
It was also a great opportunity to meet Rachel's first cousin on the Collins side of the family. Here she is with Craig, Lisa and Matthew. And all dressed in blue. :-)
With her baby cousin.
My dad (Oupa Jimmy) had bought Brendon's motorbike from us and so he got to enjoy that with Rachel. She loved sitting on it with him, but was NOT interested in being any where near it when it was on.
And because Rachel had seen Dad to the airport and watched the planes, Oupa Jimmy organized for her to sit in a Harvard. What a treat.
And then Oupa Jimmy even organized for us to go for a flight. This is a home build plane called a Kiss.
We had a lovely time. Thanks Oupa.
Growing up my Dad found many opportunities for us to go in as many different planes as he could. So it was nice to share this experience with Rachel.

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