Tuesday, July 29, 2003


What wonderful memories we have of Graham. He struggled with a terminal illness for most of his life and eventually was not able to walk or talk or even eat on his own. His mother cared so wonderfully for him. Graham had been in hospital for a little while before he died and was really having a hard time. I remember a time when we visited him in Durban. His Mom felt bad that we had traveled all that way and he was fast asleep - she even tried to wake him up. We suggested we just sing for him before we left as he always enjoyed singing. Well, he woke with the singing, gave us a huge smile and a big thumbs up - his way of telling us how thankful he was.
But his life had gotten really hard. I remember so clearly the morning Brendon got the call from his Mom to let us know that he had died through the night. Brendon came to tell me and I remember just crying so much but also smiling at the thought of Graham finally freed from the body that was failing him. Finally able to sing to His saviour.
I also remember spending that day with them at their home. We did not actually do all that much for them through the day, but they were so thankful for our support and presence. Just being with them through it was an encouragement for them.
Brendon asked Lorna if there were any verses that had been special to them that he could include in the funeral service. He says he will never do that again (with a smile) as she gave him such a huge list. But it was actually such a blessing. She also gave us a long list of some of Graham's favorite songs. What an amazing funeral that was. Brendon spoke about so many passages and we sang songs rejoicing in salvation in Christ and the hope of heaven. There were over 200 people at the funeral and it was a time of giving glory to Christ and pointing to the cross.
The family were so thankful to Brendon. Even Graham's brother who was in America (we had met him on a visit earlier in the year) wrote and said how thankful he was to the Lord for sending a pastor to his parents in the year that they so really needed it.
And it was a blessing for us to be able to serve them through this hard time.
What a wonderful God we serve.

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