Wednesday, January 1, 2003

2003 at the sea

At the end of 2002 Brendon was heading into his second year of full time studies. Our pastor had asked if we would consider driving down to Scottburgh every month for a weekend so that Brendon could preach for a small church there. We suggested that we rather move down there and save on all that traveling. The college agreed and in December we came down to meet the church. They were very excited at the idea of us coming down and while we were there we found a home for us to move to.
So at the end of December 2002, we moved down to Scottburgh.
The above photos were taken later in the year when my sister visited. They are taken at the Scottburgh beach as we watched a pod of dolphins surfing with the waves. It was amazing.
And yes, Chelsea came with...
With a view of the sea (not too visible on the left photo - but there between the trees).
Nana sent many parcels down for Rachel and eventually we were able to just walk into the post office and they knew who we were and went to get our package before we even asked.

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