Friday, August 4, 2000

Our first pregnancy

It is with fond memories that I think back to when I first found out I was pregnant with Rachel.

After trying for over 3 years for a baby we started looking at some medical help. Although there were only small concerns for both of us the Lord decided to use these small helps and bless us with a child. We were so amazed. We knew we had to give it at least 3 months and even though I knew that - I was still surprised when I found out I was pregnant - exactly 3 months later.

I remember so clearly having an appointment with my boss (I was working on an hourly basis for an auditor) and telling him that I had just been feeling tiered over the last week and I wanted to cut back on my hours. Perhaps mornings only. I had made the appointment to speak to him and the I remember the first thing he asked me was "are you pregnant?" I said "no" immediately as it had not even crossed my mind. That was Friday. The next Friday I was at work, looked at my diary and realized it was day 28 of my cycle. I am normally between 25 and 28 days and for the first time in years I had not been waiting from day 25 (probably because I had been so tiered).

I phoned Brendon from work - told him it was day 28 and we agreed that I should just go for a blood test on the way home. The ladies at the lab where so excited for me. They phoned my doc to get permission to give the results to me (otherwise they would fax it to the doc and he may not get it to me before Mon). So I sat in the waiting room for 20 min and when she came through she said "I hope you are good at math" and showed me a little + sign on the test. I just started crying. So did they. They gave me the phone to call Brendon and through my tears I said "it's positive - we are going to have a baby". It was magical. And a day I will never forget.

(PS: This blog entry was added in October 2009 but I chose to "file" it on the correct day. And yes, that is a picture I took today of the actual test result that they gave me over 9 years ago. It is in Rachel's "time capsule" that she will be allowed to open when she turns 18 or 21.)

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